COGBEE Announces Strategic Partnership with Aspire For Her Paving the Way for Women in the IT Industry

COGBEE Announces Strategic Partnership with Aspire for her Paving the way for Women in the IT Industry

Cincinnati, Ohio | September 04, 2023 – COGBEE, an AI-enabled Assessment and Interview platform, is excited to announce a significant strategic partnership with Aspire For Her, a platform dedicated to empowering and supporting women in their professional pursuits. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the IT industry by fostering gender diversity and inclusivity through targeted recruitment efforts.

As the tech sector expands, there is a growing need for diverse talent to drive innovation and progress. COGBEE’s state-of-the-art AI screening platform, combined with Aspire For Her’s commitment to empowering women with the skills and resources, will play a pivotal role in creating new opportunities for aspiring women in the IT field.

Through this partnership, COGBEE will serve as the official screening partner for women recruited to the IT industry via the Aspire For Her platform. COGBEE’s AI-driven technology will analyze and evaluate candidates’ skills, experiences, and potential, ensuring that only the most qualified and suitable candidates are considered prospective candidates. This approach streamlines the recruitment process and eliminates unconscious biases, promoting a fair and level playing field for all applicants.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Aspire For Her in our shared mission to break down barriers and promote gender diversity within the IT industry,” said Viral Vora, Founder and CEO at COGBEE. “By leveraging our advanced AI technology, we are confident that we can identify exceptional female talent and connect them with companies eager to harness their skills and contributions.”

“We believe that every woman deserves an equal opportunity to thrive in her chosen career path. Our vision is to add 1 million+ women to the workforce by 2025,” stated Madhura DasGupta Sinha, Founder at Aspire For Her. “Partnering with COGBEE enables us to enhance the quality of candidates we recommend to the IT industry. Together, we are ready to challenge stereotypes and foster an environment where women can flourish.”


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About Aspire For Her

Aspire For Her is a leading platform dedicated to empowering and equipping women for success in their professional journeys. Through mentorship, skill development, networking opportunities, and community support, Aspire For Her aims to break down barriers and promote gender diversity in various industries. Learn more at